Frequently Asked Questions

Can you chrome plate auto parts?

Unfortunately, we do not do chrome plating.

Can you perform sub-assembly?

Yes, we have the knowledge and experience to perform all of your assembly needs. Ship us the bare parts and we will ship you a job ready to sell.

What metals can you process?

Aluminum, titanium and steel.

What is your standard lead time?

Standard lead time is dependent upon order quantity and processing requirements. Lead time can also vary depending upon current work load.

Can my orders be expedited?

Yes, please contact production control to discuss your needs.

Are you ITAR registered?

Yes, we are registered with the State Department.

Do you have import/export capabilities?

Yes, we have the licenses and expertise to handle all import/export compliance needs.

Do you deliver?

Yes, pickup and delivery services are available upon request. Please contact us to set up a schedule.